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Lifeguards are responsible for protecting people from drowning, which is a role that requires one to be alert, vigilant, and trained to react in situations where someone way need help in the water. This role is all about prevention, so we hold our Lifeguards to high standards. If you’re looking to oversee the pools, and help protect those in it, we’re ready to meet with you.


As a Lifeguard, you’ll be responsible for:

Lifeguard Shifts

  • Arrive 10-15 minutes prior to assigned work time.
  • Be properly dressed in a one piece swim suit, lifeguard shirt, black/red shorts, and whistle.
  • Follow proper opening and closing procedures by making sure to lock and secure all pool doors when pool is closed.
  • Observe and enforce all rules, regulations, and policies.
  • Prevent casualties or accidents.
  • Rescue and provide emergency care of any accident victim in and about the pool and record such incidents on an accident report.
  • Responsible for walking around the deck during assigned hours, and sitting no more than 10 minutes at a time.
  • Use of telephone, including cell phones, is off limits when on duty except in the event of an emergency.
  • Responsible for attending all required staff meetings and training events.

  • Check and record chlorine, PH level, temperature of air and water on the daily sheet.
  • Record swimmer usage.
  • Before opening or closing the pool, check the pool for any foreign matter.
  • Keep supervisor advised of any hazards.
  • Do routine pool maintenance/cleaning as scheduled or requested.

  • MUST possess a serious attitude toward the job responsibilities, and have aptitude for thinking clearly in emergency situations.
  • MUST have strong water skills and maintain top fitness level.
  • Must be at least 16 years of age and show maturity of age.
  • Possess current American Red Cross Lifeguard Certification or equivalent.
  • Current CPR, BLS for the Professional Rescuer.
  • Current Community First Aid and Safety or equivalent.
Must also:

  • Have a thorough knowledge of enforcing lifeguard procedures, pool and locker room rules, emergency procedures, pool maintenance procedures, CPR and First Aid.
  • Be constantly vigilant, maintaining swimmers safety, preventing accidents, minimizing or eliminating hazardous situations.
  • Be in excellent health and physical condition.

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